This page is to say a big well done to all our dogs and members that have achieved success in any area. This can be in Draught, water, showing, obedience and agility. It can also be for dog and owners that have achieved something that they have found hard to do, like a dog doing a back up or Maureen’s Sambuca doing a retrieve!

There is so much to put on this page this year I hope I don't forget anyone!

Well Done Diesel for her Level B Multipass.

Well Done Tanner on his Level A multipass.

Well done to the following for passing their Level 1 obedience:

Elvis, Dexter, Amazon, Sambuca, Dudley, Diesel, Aoife, Maybel, Tarka, Tanner, Ruby, Bronte, Jenson, Enya and Daisy.

Well done to the following for Level 2 Obedience:

Maybel, Tarka, Tanner, Aoife, Ruby, Elvis.


Well done to the following for Level 3 Obedience:

Tarka, Maybel and Elvis. (A special well done to Ruby for giving Level 3 a go and having the best amount of fun!)

Well done  to Ernie for passing his Level A at the tender age of 6 months and on his 1st attempt.

Well done to all who have also passed their Level 1 nosework—how much fun is that! 

Well done also to Elvis and Ruby who are making great advances in their carting.

Well done to Tanner for qualifying for Crufts at the East of England Show with two 2nd places. Well done to Tarka who got a 3rd at the same show.

Well Done!



Happy Birthday to our oldest Newfoundland member!

Bronte McKay is 11 years young and still going strong!

She recently passed Level A at Grangewaters and is heading for her multi pass.

Congratulations to Tim, Kim and May who finally have a caravan and have thrown their tent away!

The Leybournes sadly lost all 3 of their Newfoundlands within 6 months, this was a very sad occasion and they have decided that they are not ready for another Newfie right now.  However they have opened their hearts and home to Cal, a Rhodiesian Ridgeback.

We hope they will still pop along and keep up to date with us all.