Phoenix Working Newfoundlands is primarily a group of friends who meet on a regular basis to enjoy activities with our dogs. These activities include water rescue training, which we are currently doing at different locations, including the sea and draught work (carting) which we train for over the year and attend events at locations throughout the UK. We keep in touch through the winter months by arranging winter walks where all two and four legged friends get some fresh air followed by a good lunch!

Phoenix is also involved in hosting tests that are run by the Working Newfoundland Club of GB. Many of our members attend these and other events run by the UK Newfoundland Breed Clubs. These clubs run tests in both water and draught work which are open for members and non members.

There are currently FIVE tests available in water work. You have to pass each level before you can move to the next level. You can achieve multi pass merits passing a level 5 times at different locations and judges. On passing the highest level 4 times your dog will achieve a Diploma.

The Levels are A,B,C, D & E. These Tests are run by the NC, SNC and WNC. The WNC also run Achievers Water Tests  A-E which are a great alternative if your dog does not do elements of the standard tests and cannot progress further.

Please see related links page for the other clubs’ details.

Draught Tests:

Under the Southern and Northern Newfoundland Clubs there are FIVE levels in Draught work. They are Beginners, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

There are only Four levels under The Newfoundland Club currently. Levels 1-4.

The Working Newfoundland Club runs the 5 standard tests B—4 and also Achievers Carting Levels 1-5 which are in the early stages.

The WNC also hold Nosework Levels and Obedience Levels 1-5 which are also great fun.

The regulations for all of the tests can be found on the clubs’ websites.


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